For regular weekly tutoring my costs are as follows:

  • Key Stage Three (or below) £30/Hour
  • GCSE £35/Hour
  • A-Level £40/Hour
  • Degree £45/Hour
  • I also offer online tutoring with a saving of 10% on my prices.

I provide group sessions, these start at £20/hour per child depending on your child’s level.

Any travel over ten miles is extra, and I would recommend longer sessions if further away.

I can also provide one-off cramming sessions prior to exams to go over key exam techniques and texts, and how to approach the exam, these two hour sessions cost £50.

I am happy to teach English Language, English Literature, Creative Writing, History, Geography, Sociology, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies.

I can also provide essay and exam support for degree students, advice and interview preparation for university and general literature review courses that would give your child an overview of the British Canon of Literature.